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Documentary filmmaker, chief editor 

Curiosity is a fatal flaw, however I perfectly live with it.


My work leads me to unravel the human being and his contradictions


with sensitiveness and humour.


I was born in 1964 in the heart of a mountainous region in the South of France.

I am used to saying "I was born under a chesnut tree",

the emblematic tree covering the green foothills of dozens of  tiny

lost valleys spreading across the area.

These roots which have shaped my pace and persistent character.


I studied Journalism, Movies and Communication at Toulouse University (France)

with a specific target: acquire the necessary skills

to enter the world of live image: concept, conception, narration.


After 3 years spent as a production assistant, I turned to editing.

From 1988 to 1995, I gained a great experience from my senior editors

and worked for various french and foreign movies at Paris.

A school of rigour and a place for developing a sense of styles and storylines.


Since 1995, I have been sharing most of my time between editing on AVID platform

and directing, mostly  TV documentaries.


If I had to consider the main thread of my working road,

I would say that I like to focus on the best equilibrium between

form and contents, sounds and words,

to guarantee as much as possible the crucial balance

between emotion and reason.

And if a slight humoristic touch arises, it turns out not to be bad for me to share.

par ci, par là
New York_love work create ©Cécile Favier
Souvenirs de tournage_ACORES ©Benoit Novosseloff
Souvenirs de tournage_MADERE 06 ©Cécile Favier
Petit précis de montage
elfe ©Cécile Favier
Edited Image 2013-11-22-15:56:37
C'est gonflé! ©Cécile Favier
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